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ExtraCredit ICO

The success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has raised awareness of the benefits of blockchain technology. Consequently, many industries are scrambling to adopt blockchain technology.

Extra credit provides a platform where students can gain knowledge about Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies.
Crypto is a legitimate method for storing wealth. That's why Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto are worth keeping high. However, blockchain technology has many applications in this industry. Some of them are:
  • Banking indusrty
  • Cyber security
  • Election management
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics and matters related to the Internet
  • Public archives
Extra Credit is a platform that seeks to solve shortage of skilled talent in blockchain industry by providing a platform where people of all ages can start learning about Crypto. This training is an in-depth course on blockchain technologies that make people blockchain future engineers.

How ExtraCredit Works?
The platform will work as an incentive when the contest is held and will give XTRA a token the chance to win when students complete the course or earn good points in any competition. Investors, course commission fees, paid promotions and paid sponsorships, affiliate programs, and so on. they will generate profits through multiple streams of income.

Token Economy
Our goal is to create a learning resource BitcoinHomework the world's leading crypto. With the potential for billions of people and supplies the token is limited, the demand for token Extra Credit "XTRA" will increase exponentially over time - providing excellent value for investors ICO and Contributors Content to get a token XTRA through student enrollment in their online courses.

Token Sale

For Sale Token
It follows Token Token ERC20 XTRA and has a fixed token price and a fixed mark of $ 0.10. Token Token 100M will be released and will release 20 millimeters token in bonus to all investors before the sale. 300M Token already sold in our general sale to ICO. We also have referral programs where 5% will be awarded as incentives for all token participants. This happens on the first registration, first of all.

Token Distribution
Extra Credit team will share the token The token holder to serve first. Please be patient with our distribution process at this stage because we will resolve within a few working days. The reason this time limit is due to the distribution process is done manually and to prevent the sale of tokens in exchange invalid.

ETH Address 0x3f9f47986aca0e2c94FD65Bf6C9475d9bBc94b89

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